Candace Renell

​​Fall 1992. A woman cries in the children's hospital. Silence, then a childs cry answers. Some say it was divine intervention others a cruel experiment. I am born.

​​Candace Renell Walker is a visionary novelist, born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. Her writing abilities were handed down the gene pool from her father's side of the family. From a young age, she was encouraged by her grandmother, Rebecca to create her own original short stories; She wrote her very first screenplay at the age of sixteen and her very first novel at the age of nineteen. In the year of 2014, Candace made the decision of signing with 'The Phoenix Publishing Group'. Her true passions are helping children in need/abuse victims, fictional writing, audio-visual art, tennis, fencing, glass painting, horticulture, singing, and classical music. When she would encounter dark times, her escape was her imagination through story telling and watching different films. Several of her stories are inspired by some of her real life experiences.