Candace Renell

​​Fall 1992. A woman cries in the children's hospital. Silence, then a childs cry answers. Some say it was divine intervention others a cruel experiment. I am born.

​​ ​For The Love of Autumn

A defiant adolescent girl, Autumn loses her parents in a devastating car accident. The only family member willing to take her in is her Aunt Lisa, who happens to be her father's sister. Lisa resides in Boston, Massachusetts. She is constantly struggling with her own battles of anguish and addiction due to the power of her own inner demons.
​Meanwhile, not expecting to find love, love finds Autumn. A troubled juvenile skinhead, Thomas falls for her. He then strives to win her heart, despite their racial differences. Will the pressure of Thomas's peers overcome him, or will Thomas have the strength to fight for his love for Autumn? This intriguing spell bound love story will capture the minds and hearts of people all around.

​'Recession' coming soon!


​Mark, a single father of two daughters is going through an economic ruin, due to the current cataclysmic recession taking place in the country. Once he loses his corporate real estate business along with hard earned investments, a huge chuck of savings, and forecloses on his home, Mark's mischevious younger sibling, Jack provides his impecunious brother and nieces shelter until they manage to get back on their feet. Secretly, Jack knows this is the ideal opportunity to influence his family's vulnerable state of mind. Little do they know that 'unhinged' Uncle Jack has the business proposition from hell waiting for them in his convoluted world. Will Mark, Rebecca, and Carla be convinced to take on the path of uncertainty?

​Upcoming novel, 'Once Fallen' in the works!

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